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Download our brand-new APP to your smart phone and enjoy all benefits of the latest Taxfree technology immediately. Simple, fast and paperless.


Take over control of every single Taxfree purchase and use the latest technology of eValidation Austria. Efficient, smart and completely digital.


You need transparency and full risk control on all export- and validation data in real-time? eValidation Austria enables you for doing this.

eValidation Austria – we make the difference!

The all-in-one solution for you: Independent from the used Taxfree provider, every purchase for you as a tourist, retail-merchant or authority will become transparent and processed in real-time on a single platform.
Fast, efficient and completely digital.



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Our new APP is THE Innovation for capturing tourist’s data or other Taxfree relevant information. Using the APP you can track all your Taxfree transactions and see the validation status in real-time on your smart phone. Be among the first using this cutting-edge technology!