What do we do differently?

eValidation Austria is the only company providing an open and real-time validation platform for custom’s validation procedures for tourist’s exports. It works independently from any Taxfree system used by retail-merchants (professional Taxfree provider or governmental system) and supports any future extension or connectivity to any existing eGovernment platform or data-warehouse applications.

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What is new for you as authority?

eValidation as a platform enables you to change from a paper based system to a full digital validation process immediately without investments.

Scanning-services (mobile APP and counter-based) capture all relevant data of different source documents (travel document, export form, receipt) and the platform evaluates, compares and analyses within seconds by using high sensitive OCR/ICR technology.

You decide whether exports get validated automatically or should be inspected by customs officers when entering relevant parameters in our sophisticated risk-assessment engine. This feature is exclusively controlled from customs directly and only visible to customs office staff.

Through permanent capturing and assessment of historical validation data risk profiles can be improved and granularly configured for accurate inspection procedures. Inspection procedures can be precisely triggered and monitored in this way.

eValidation supports also Pre-Validation assessment, to apply a temporarily valid export status to better manage traffic flow in busy border areas. Filtering traffic using Pre-Validation can guide low risk exports without manual inspection requirements to unmanned exit points.

eValidation is 100% digital: During financial audits the auditor can access the digital archive directly in real-time to investigate all validation related information (no need to demand physical forms for inspection).

Authorized staff can access the validation database anytime and download export information in required data formats.


Your benefits in numbers: