What do we do differently?

With the latest technology of eValidation Austria you as retail-merchant benefit from 100% transparency of the entire validation- and refund-process on Taxfree sales. You get all information in real-time, irrespective of the used Taxfree system provider. You save precious time, money and paper as all services of eValidation Austria are entirely digital.

100 %
from A to Z
0 Days
waiting time
for VAT refunds
100 %
< 1 %
incorrect forms

What is new for you as retail-merchant?

No changes to your current Taxfree process in your store, regardless if you use a professional Taxfree provider or if you operate the export procedure by yourself.

The eValidation Technology gives you access and valuable information in real-time. By getting real-time information, you can book exported transactions as net-sale without VAT immediately. This saves administrative work as no VAT needs to be submitted to tax authorities. Comparing with current monthly reports of traditional Taxfree providers you will benefit from a significant cash-flow advantage.

Digitally stamped exports are flawless. This protects you from the risk of penalty payments after tax audits.

Using our technology, you can easily generate statistics and use them for your specific business planning.

On top of this there is no more risk of faked customs stamps when processing refunds in the store.


Your benefits in numbers: