What do we do differently?

We transfer all your Taxfree purchases to your smart phone, irrespective of used Taxfree operators. That's how it works: Install the APP and enjoy all benefits of digital Taxfree Shopping. The APP navigates you through the fastest Taxfree process you have ever experienced. You will save precious time, which you can invest in shopping or sightseeing.

100 %
on your Taxfree purchases
100 %
no paper
< 5 MIN.
waiting time
at borders and for refunds
< 1 %
incorrect forms

What’s new for you as a tourist?

All your Taxfree documents can be digitized prior departure using our APP or a service counter in the city or at the airport.

You can access all your Taxfree purchases and check the status in real-time.

We provide information on real-time location based services and navigate you with the right information at the right time through the Taxfree process.

When departing to Switzerland use less frequented and unattended customs exit points. The digital customs stamp will be provided in any case to enable you for VAT refund.

No more errors when completing a Taxfree transaction by using relevant information from your profile data.

How do you want to claim your VAT refund? Regardless if you choose bank account, credit card or payment directly in the shop – you decide with the tip of your finger on your smart phone.


Your benefits in numbers: